Summer Sheep Baa Nah: An Ode to NYC Summertime

Summer Sheep Baa Nah

New York summer heat,
The heat that hugs you
With wool blankets
Even when you said you’ve had enough.

But I’m not cold, you say.
The summer’s sheep baa nah.
Their wooly exteriors need shearing.
Will you be the one that deprives them of this pleasure?
One of the few summer sheep pleasures.
Do it for these burdened made-up sheep.
Sheep with too much hair.
Sheep that just want shearing.
Just as you want shearing.
To shear those blankets away.

The uncomfortable feeling of perspiration on denim.
Every constrained, covered surface of skin begging “Liberté!”
Sweaty armpits and butt cracks on the subway,
Every crevice on a body roaring rapids of sweat.
Like rivulets of spilled water on soil.

And the smell.
The smell that follows you like a sin.
Making you feel ashamed.
Like a sin.

Summer sheep baa nah.

-Nathan Le Master, July 2016

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